Optimising & Automating Industrial Processes With Intelligent Cloud Systems

Who We Are

We are an Industry 4.0 Technology Start-up based out of Hyderabad, building advanced cloud-based services and products for Industrial Enterprises to efficiently automate & manage its Assets, Resources, Training Programs and Workflows by better equipping their Operations, Maintenance & Training teams with relevant and intelligent systems.


Our industry 4.0 technology capabilities enable us to build futuristic solutions for discrete challenges across industries

Web & Mobile Application Development

3D Modelling & Design

Spatial Design & Computing (AR/VR/MR)

Cloud Management

Data Analytics & Security


With our products, we aim to better equip Operations, Maintenance and Training teams across Industrial enterprises through optimization and automation

Leapsquare Workroom

Workroom is an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) that is built holistically using a mix of new age technologies for Operations & Maintenance teams across industries to effectively automate and manage their Resources, Assets, Processes, Field Services and Workflows of all types to drastically reduce downtimes and operational costs.

Asset Management & Health Monitoring

List and manage all your assets across the geography, monitor their health and access maintenance histories in real-time.

Maintenance Programs & Planning

Design and schedule Proactive, Preventive, Predictive & Condition-based maintenance programs with custom alert mechanisms.

Field Service Management

Manage all field service programs with seamless operations using mobile FSM application, enabling real-time status & quick resolution of downtimes.

Centralized Inventory System

One centralized system for all spare parts and stock to enable higher visibility, smart procurement, quick approvals & seamless issuance.

Workorder Management

Accomplish tasks/jobs and achieve high visibility with intelligent workorder creation, skill based assigning and smart scheduling.

Remote Field Assistance (Using AR)

Field workers can achieve quicker resolutions with Augmented Reality based step-by-step guidance for any tasks by connecting with experts off-site

Workflow Authoring & Automation

Supervisors can quickly author and push any workflows, SOPs, instructions & checklists to field workers through mobile FSM for easy operations

Warranty & Contract Management

Manage all customer, vendor and employee contracts and warranties with smart alert mechanisms, real-time updates and easy renewals

Leapsquare LXP

LXP is a Learning Management system for Industrial Enterprises of all sizes to automate their workforces’ training in fully Immersive Simulations, Experiential Courses, and Scenario-based Training Modules using 3D and VR technologies, to generate Intelligent & Actionable Employee Performance Data, like never before.

Learning Management System

Enterprises can publish training modules, create programs, add users, assign training programs, and track user performance

Intelligent Training Content

Developed 3D immersive content is intelligent, understanding the user and their behaviour towards it & challenges them dynamically & in real-time.

AR/VR/MR & 3D Training Simulations

Hands on training simulations, scenario-based modules and experiential courses are built using 3D modelling, VR/AR/MR technologies

Multi-media Integrations

Any piece of content ranging from Pictures, PDFs, 2D Videos, 3D Videos, 3D Simulations and VR/AR Applications can be added & published

High Lifetime Value

Every piece of immersive content has lifetime value as it is smart, personalized, tech-agnostic, and can train multiple users at once

Interactive Employee Assessments

Scenario based micro & macro assessments are integrated inside the training module to better assess employee performance

Technology Agnostic

Immersive content that is developed can be integrated on to multiple tech platforms, like Web, Desktops, Mobile & HMDs (VR/AR/MR)

Actionable Data: Performance Analytics

In every training module, employee performance is tracked as per the KPIs and actionable data can be derived


Using relevant and advance technologies, we build custom solutions and products for businesses of all sizes to solve their specific challenges

Digital Experiences

3D Modelling & Design

3D Simulations Development

3D & VR/AR App Development

360 Virtual Tours Development

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Our Clients

We work with enterprises of all sizes across multiple industries to deliver comprehensive solutions


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